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Total votes: 277

Overall grade: 3.02

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Received Information5159442372249

1. Received Information

Overall grade: 3.04

1 Very Fast2 Fast3 Neutral4 Slow5 Very SlowTotal
Response time4865382673250

2. Response time

Overall grade: 2.41

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Competence of our staff7363661327242

3. Competence of our staff

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Number of comments: 169

  • bob.riley@grace.com
  • a.serbouti1@gmail.com
  • denis.franc@vships.com
  • aleksandar.dragicevic9@gmail.com
  • never received info nor even an acknowledgement
  • office@ballena.bg
  • pmantilla@enerprime.com
  • dlohry@kay-flo.com
  • luciailie@hotmail.com
  • lombard.family@wanadoo
  • distupetrol@gmail.com
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  • andy@lakefrontbrewery.com
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  • gormackthioube@yahoo.fr
  • yair@protalix.com
  • villalon@ejecutivos.com
  • sigitsudarsono@yahoo.com
  • I would also like to recieve the brochure on Olives Oil processing edwardlewis43#gmail.com
  • akbana@ambujagroup.com
  • otto_ketney@yahoo.com
  • jonathanfell@btinternet.com
  • My request was for a copy of 100 years of Beer making which as a reader of Separator digest I was looking forward to. It was sent to the Corporate Communications
  • galaxy_ig1@yahoo.com
  • tansu@kreamakina.com
  • dmcdonnell@ifp.ie
  • esuberbie@latimar.com.uy
  • patricekadji@gmail.com
  • philipp.notter@prolive.ch
  • pxjs56@gmx.de
  • ferdinand.paras@microbiogen.com
  • bimal.biswas@relianceada.com
  • neville.hetherington@aramco.nl
  • "GEA Westfalia Separator" <ws.info@geagroup.com>
  • office@ensenso.com
  • jkgn@novonordisk.com
  • demoalin@web.de
  • olga.goncharova@bkservicellc.ru
  • I asked severall times for an offer and recieved no answer (for over 10 weeks)
  • The reply to my query was to contact the New Zealand Distributor.
  • Thanks a lot for your help, and concern with costumers.

    Mr Xavier Paez
  • Dear Customercare,

    I have send a enquiry to Westfalia India there is no response for two to three days then I made a call to respective person as well as mail to head office and he simply told me that spec is not sufficient. So why do you wait for customer call. This is my first opinion.

    Secondly, They are taking long time to quote the price, even we have given 11 digit part no to quote the price but we dont understand why they are taking more than a week to quote. My conclusion due to delay response we have lost the oppurtunity to supply the spare parts to my client. Our business also affected. kindly improve and ask them to work for company. We are epecting prompt response from Westfalia.
  • Dear Sirs,



    Moses Ebo Klu
  • I have not yet received the requested offer of pieces i need for my separator
  • Excellent service, specially from HenryPaul Joniaux and Rejane Smith
  • Ich habe selten so eine schlechte Kommunikation gehabt. Es hat den Anschein, man wolle nichts verkaufen. Ist die Wirtschaftskrise bei GEA überwunden? Im Übrigen ist unsere Unternehmenssprache Deutsch.


    Nicolas Lebert
  • Unfortunately I have not received any information yet.
  • Called sales rep
  • I never received your response
  • So far I have not received the answer to my query
  • ok
  • Sofar I have not received any information regarding my request. Pls submit. Regards
  • We have a bad wesfalia separator of diesel that need to fix, with included pump of 6000 L/h and rpm bowls of 8 750. We need to fix or remplace it because here in Ecuador the thermal power stations generate energy with bad Diesel. I am a Supervisor of the Thermal Power Station named Catamayo.

    Please, contact with me or with the Superintendent Rafael Cardoso (rcardoso@eerssa).

    The web page adress of our companny is www.eerssa.com.

    Thanks for your help..!
  • I have sent any qustions to Westfalia seperators and GEA-ECOFLEX Wärmetauscher in Germany about producing sunflower- oil in our region (Mannheim/BDW/Germany)?!

    I need more information about this machines(seperators/Plattenwärmetauscher), and than I can give you more information about producing and marketing of sunflower oil in this region.

    I hope to hear soon from you and remain,

  • Please give Quotation for the following:
    1 x Separator type: OTC2-02-137 - WESTFALIA
  • ihave not received any information any information
  • There was information but half hear ted.

    Dr RB Singh
  • Very helpful service. I wish it was this good with other companies I deal with.
  • dear sir/madam,
    u r asking how the service was. but unfortunately no one bothered to address my query
  • I need an answer urgently.
    Please contact me personally, not via machine!!!
    Kind regards
    Helmut Möller
  • yes, i have not received information
  • I have received the information but would like to improve on my initial request. Please provide more techinical details from a layman point of view
  • i need information about kinds of processing in dairy production
  • I have not recieved an answer yet. Someone just said they would send my request to the appropriate department. Still waiting.
  • I have not yet received the information requested.
    Equipment for: Rotary Strainer 1-CWZ-MF-023 A/B
    Usage for Repair Kit for Rotary Strainer Gear Sealing

    1. Sleeve Shaft 21331
    Qty: 1

    2. Seal Shaft 21340
    Qty: 2

    3. O Ring 21336
    Qty: 1

    4. Front End Gear Seating Bolt 21344
    Qty: 3

    5. Front End Gear Seating Bolt 21343
    Qty: 1
  • i thought i send you inquiry already past.. maybe 2 or 1 month ago. so your act very slow..it makes my user angry..
    so hope you can move faster.

    novi huang
  • your web responce is too slow
  • Dear Sir,

    Though I sent my request via fax,I have not yet heard any reply upon its receipt.

    I required an email address for sending official letters, but to date received no answer.

    Please acknowledge if ws.info@geagroup.com is the appropriate address.

    Thank you in advance.

    Akram Zand
  • Dear Sir/madam,
    My enquiry towards a second hand refurbished separator has so far not been responded. Prices variation appears to be significant for the similar model if we source it through India.
  • I can not answer question 3 because I have never spoken to any staff.
    We are currently busy with other suppliers for this product
  • I have not been contacted!
  • Please sent me the information about Westfalia Separator RSA 100-01-700. Thank you.From spchan@carotech.net Attend: Ms. SP Chan
  • I have not received any information about aqueous two phase separation.
  • dear sir until now i did not any information and price list about our decanter and centrifuge request.
  • I need information regarding a liquid separator, and the person only responded once then lost contact. Can anybody get back to me ASAP? Thank you very much.
  • I need information regarding a liquid separator, and the person only responded once then lost contact. Can anybody get back to me ASAP? Thank you very much. Please contact me at lh.paulus@hotmail.com
  • Yes.
  • I have been contacted by your agent, however I have not received any information or documentation yet
  • First inquiry sent on 17.08.10 and till today zero reply.
    We have some bad experiance with several companies but your company is the "best" in customer support.

    We are building a ships in China and for sure will try to avoid to have a separators from your company.
  • Dear sir

    I have not eaven received any responcse to my inquiry.
    I am still waiting.

    Nabil Nicolas Dawalibi
    M.D West African Food Tec.
  • test
  • I need some confirmations for second hand seperators for vegetable oil product.Please send to me for RSA 60/80 second hand seperators.Thanks.
  • I am still awaiting response to my enquiry.
  • I have been trying to get information on GEA westfalia separator technology for our new project of producing Starches and Glucose from Broken Rice. But am struggling to get in contact with right people and also to get quotes for the Westfalia equipment.
  • I got indeed the some prospectus very fast and later I was called. Unfortunately at that time the place was not very convenient to talk and I was unable to note the name of the caller, but it was said I would be called back leter. This has not happened since then.
  • I was impressed with the speed you processed my request for a manual. It made my job much easier.
    Thank you
    Paul Bailey
  • soonest possible after restudy
  • Centrifugal separtors for the separation of essencial oil-water emultion
  • I have not received my quotation.
    I am still waiting for it.
  • With regard to the request for information that I made, I was very satisfied with the service I received. The response was prompt and the information provided completely covered all aspect of the request, I would like to thank you for your service. I have dealt many times with Westfalia and Westfalia equipment in my marine career and have always had a great appreciation for the equipment and service supplied
  • am delighted to receive your most valuable information which is so rich that am wondering how to get the benefit of this.However, our feilds of actiivities include chemical plants, presently we are setting up another sulphuric acid plant and we shall be no. one in the country in this product.

    however our interest remains with the CORN STARCH AND CORN GLUTEN foer which we looking a complete but used plant.
  • Dear sir/madam

    I need the price list of your products also plus the Ctalouge you sent.
    Mani Ashrafi
  • i didn't recieve feedback regarding my request?
  • no comments as no received information
  • I am very pleased with your service response.
  • On my recent request, the initial response was rapid, querying our field of application. I answered this, and since then I have not heard of this matter.
  • Never receive any info
    I call your office and talk with Mr; Haferkamper,
    re adressed to Gea italy;
    15 days ago Have a talk with Mr: Strada, who told me he has to send the enquiry to Germany to a process specialist which will send me a formular to focalised the offer;
    Till today nothing happens.
    Finally received your custom satisfaction requirement.
    eventually will now follow an offer?
    kind regards
    Giampaolo Linossi
  • I never recived an answer of my request.
  • I think you should response my e-mail soon after I sent them to you, if you promised to give response within 24 hours,you should do it precisely on time.
  • very good
  • Its been long since I wrote to your organisation more than two months ago and yet had not received any reply as yet concerning my request
  • we need soft copy for spare parts manuals, we have total 2 numbers of Separators name plate details as under.


    D-4740 OELDEF.R.Germany

    TYPE - MSD 60-01-076
    NO -1704 124
    BUILT IN - 1996
    HEAVY LIQUID kg/dm3 -1.0
    SOLID kg/dm3 -1.1


    TYPE - MSA 120-01-076
    NO -1651 -335
    BUILT IN - 1975
    HEAVY LIQUID kg/dm3 -1.0
    SOLID kg/dm3 -1.1


    TYPE - MSA 120-01-076
    NO -1654 246
    BUILT IN - 1975
    HEAVY LIQUID kg/dm3 -1.0
    SOLID kg/dm3 -1.1


    TYPE - CNB 130-01-076
    FABR. Nr. 1677 437
    BUILT IN - 1983
    RPM - 4500

    CBM Machine details

    Westfalia Separator AC
    Type - B u C 800
    Machine no - 2010 - 236
    And 2010 236a


    N - 7297

    please let us know where to contact for original spare parts.
  • Obviously it's too late...

    I kindly liked to ask to quote for Decanting centrifuges for drilling rigs in Syria.

    I'm sorry...

    Kind regards,

    Oliver Kuchar
  • Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

    Ich habe auf meine Anfrage vor ca. 4 Monate überhaupt keine Reaktion erfahren.


    GAbriel Kleger
    Energia Matrix Kft.
  • I received everything I wanted to know. If I end up doing a algae report for IntraFish.com, I will come back to you as a source of separator information.
  • Thanks for your information
  • I received, on accurate basis, requested info from your local representative of the Netherlands
  • I had Sent an offer regarding MarineTech Bangladesh but didn't received any response.
  • slow respond
  • Sory to trouble You with my English !!!!.I'm a grat collector of reklame oenknifes.Last Year a friend offer me
    a Westfalia.Unfortunaly i have lost it.Can You get me a new taschenmesser?
    I would be very,very greatefuly.
    Best regards from Porutgal-Antonio
    Note: I i can be useful for something in Portugal please ask me
  • N/A
  • Dear Sir,

    I need a more comprehensive Trouble Shooting list of the OSC 5 type separator, including its sequence control.

    Thank you
  • I afraid that I have not received any information. In case that my question were commplicated it would be pleased if your good company give me a response.
  • Pl send price list along the models
  • Response is slow. It has to be improved.
  • As per my original email I would like an indication of capital costs for erecting a maize to sweetner/fructose syrup wet milling plant (the whole process from starch to sweetner/syrup). You will know the sizes of plants than can be erected, I would appreciate it if you can help me with the costs for say 3to4 different sizes of plants.

  • maybe add your parts department information somewhere on the home page for easier acess
  • I believe you have repensation in Florence,Kentucky -- I have levt word and no one has ever contacted me --
    I left word on your home page 4 to 6 weeks ago --
    This is pretty slow also -- but better than no reply -- business must be really good
    Thanks --
  • Very poor response given by your Delhi,India branch.
  • We wish to dewater 7 mgd of raw municipal sewage, acidified to pH 5.5 with sulphuric acid, which is then dewatered via decanting centrifugation. We desire output solids content of 15% or greater. We then desire to treat the water to potable quality. Can you provide us with quotations for decanting centrifuges and UF-MF-RO-UV systems?
  • Dear sir or madam,
    I received the response very later than I expected and I was told that for inquiry and further questions I need to ask the Dubai representative, so my mail address will be sent to them and they'll contact me .. but I've received exactly NOTHING!

    Any way our company is interested to consider the conditions of being GEA's representative in Iran, in distributing Dairy Machinery.
    Best regards,
    Motahareh parsa
    Market Development Manager
    Akhtar Sazan Co.
    Mashhad, Iran
  • i have requested for the quote on separator, but the quotation submission date is closed.
  • please give me detailed discription of WESFALIA seprators and e-brochure. As we wish to become distributer for this product in india.

  • I've contacted Michael Miedek. Good answer. We are working on it. I'll contact him again soon, hope this month.
  • I never got any response, except now for this request to fill out a form!!
  • I don´t need any help yet.
  • I am very interested in learning more about your equipment for dewatering of algae biomass and the oil extraction process for biofuel and how the compare to oil extraction for food applications?
  • We are still waiting for the promissed offer. When we don´t
    get the offer very soon, the order be given without the offer by GEA.
  • I sent an email about 1-1,5 months ago and I have just received a reply which includes these questions. This is why I have chosen neutral choice. We are looking for a centrifuge for our veterinary vaccine production plant and waiting for your assistance. We can give you the details about the centrifuge we want. Thank you for your consideration.
    Yaprak Gedik
  • ccccccccccccccccc
  • I did not get ANY response and I am VERY frustrated.
  • good.
  • Only an automated email, no further response!
  • Very pleased with comprehensive response to our question.
  • An Order Placed with GEA Westfalis, Germany was sent to Turkey without proper Documentation and the shipment is Stuck in Customs due to improper Documentation. The PIc of this shipment from Germany Office Replied to us saying that he did not feel important to do the necessary documentation and the shipment in order to be cleared from turkish customs needs a Revised Documentation (Invoice/ Packing List/AWB) attested from turkish Embassy in HAmburg or else the Documents is just stacked up in customs. Need Assistance on the same.
  • i ask for information about olive oil refinery 50 t/day and till now i don't receive any answer ,also i have friend send you many request and no one answer .. please let us know the details and information about the refinery ..

    best regards
    Robert Saad
  • i ask for information about olive oil refinery 50 t/day and till now i don't receive any answer ,also i have friend send you many request and no one answer .. please let us know the details and information about the refinery ..

    best regards
    Robert Saad
  • I got the information almost directly however because of a older Windows version I wasn't able to read the file. After a E:mail iinformation a PDF file and the problem was solved.
  • i didnt get information yet. i mail many times......
  • Dear Sir or Madam,
    on Febr 2nd 2011 I spoke with Mr. Ulrich Meyer. He said he needed data concerning Absetzverhalten, Becherschleuder-Test (Beckmann), and Kompaktierungsgrad. Since this is a first research of the implementation of a new product we do not have these data. Therefore he could not help me at all.
    2. Request on March 1st 2011 via your website: I just received your notice of receipt - no information.

    Kind regards,
    Anette Grieb
  • I received no information regarding my inquiry.
  • Dear,

    It would be greatly appreciated to improve the response time and feedback. It took long time to get in touvh with your team.

    Kind regards,

  • No information was received. This is not the first time it happens with GEA... The equipment is being commissioned to a competitor.
  • Your South African Office took an age to reply then sent a very dismissive reply. When I tried to get a better response I got from Garth a request for further information which I sent but then nothing at all and I'm still waiting weeks later. I give up

    You must be very busy as legitimate requests are not thought worthy of attention. If this is how things start how do you treat an order? As far as I am concerned you are not a serious organisation in fact you are a disgrace.
  • Nothing to report @ present but I am satisfied with your Personnel & Service to date.
  • --
  • i didn't hear anything from Westfalia...
  • Staff person was wonderful and very helpful. The investigation did not result in an order, but did allow my company to keep my customer happy.
  • still missing any offer
  • Bad service, completely no feedback and no return for my enquiry
  • Since we did not receive any response to my first web request 45-50 days back (email/call/sms/fax)it is not possible to give any other information such as competence of the staff.Would like if your web site provides some emails for communication instead of just phone nos. We did call on Saturday on 9th but probably your Delhi office had holiday and no voice mail.This response was fast.No phone no was given by us in the present query.
  • I need technical support to locate equivalent separators for our existing units that are obsolete. I have been completely unable to get the support that I need.
  • Thanks for all the support and we look to even more higher level of cooperation as you local agent in Nigeria.
  • Dear sir/madam,

    I asked for a softcopy of seperator manual msd-250 by e-mail. But I have not received it till now.
  • Thanks for your email, I hope to recieve information about your company (I would prefer information in German) in the next time.

    Daniel Teuber
  • sometimes I need to forecast very quick a GEA delivery package, so more data about specific capacities of separators for a varia fuel, fuel oil and oily bilge waters and their dimensional lay-out ought be veru useful.
    Any way, my best wishes for GEA and for my friend Ulf Niederhaeusern too.

    Dionisie Dascalu
  • We are happy by receiving your warms response. We will contact you very soon for bilge water treatment Plant
  • The request was placed by me on 1st june but got the response in the first week of july.That too got the response only after several reminders made by us through aditya engineers from hyderabad.
  • We are traders - ship suppliers of all type of Marine navigation equipments , life saving equipments , Rescue Speed Boat , Automations & Control Systems , Main Engine Spares , Chilling - Air Compressors , Oil Purifiers , Oil seprators , Generators etc...

    COMPLETE RANGE OF SECOND HAND - equipments supply from Ship Breaking Yard. All equipments are in Geniune company's orignal spares which we are supplying to Traders , Shipowners & Manufacturers - for future business and costcutting in manufacturing new spares which are expensive and takes enough time to Re-furbnish old equipments so we do collebrate with direct manufactures ... !

    Email : marinesuppliers.world@gmail.com ; techmarine@bsnl.in
  • i request many information from 2 month ago and no any response
  • I am very disappointed in your service. We are considering purchasing a winery centrifuge. I have not received any information from you and can assure you that will affect our buying decision
  • I need to achieve a used de decanter for my process.
    If you can offer me one please call +59899702478 or send me an email better still.

    Thank you.
  • HiWe have a vegetable oil factory is in MERSIN/TURKEY.A second hand seperator We need.This seperator type is RSA 80 automatic.Please back to me this topic.Thanks.
  • Dear Sirs/Madams,
    Could you please revert with Your alternative offer for the following:
    1. Westfalia alternative for fuel separator Alfa Laval MIB 303 - 1 pc for delivery to Aktau, Kazakhstan.